I had a reminder today.

attention communication Jan 31, 2024

Wednesdays are my creative days. 

I block off my calendar.

I go to a coffee shop.

I have ZERO calls.

I mean, this doesn't always happen every Wednesday but I aim for 80%...

I go to a few places, usually local cafe’s. Today, I decided to go to the local Starbucks where I get my wife and kiddos their treats. I know the team there, everyone knows me and it is always a pleasure to walk in the place.

One of the team members, who is usually very quiet and doesn't say much, took me by surprise today…

“Ray, what do you do?” Why surprised, I said, thanks for asking Sam (fake name…). I do a few things. I am a business coach, write a newsletter, host a podcast, write books around entrepreneurship, am involved in real estate and I am an advisor for a debt & equity firm.




AND you have five kids…?


I mean Holy Sh*t yes. 

Sometimes I am so tired. (laughing emoji faces)

She asked why I was working “here” today. I shared with her that this was my designated creative and production day, and there was something oddly comforting about finding inspiration within the walls of a coffee shop. Intrigued, Sam prompted me to delve into my journey—how I ended up here, immersed in the creative process within the confines of a Starbucks.

In a moment of curiosity, she asked for a business card and expressed a genuine desire to subscribe to my newsletter. I handed her my phone with the landing page up and said “Please, I would love that”. The realization hit me like a warm breeze—a gentle reminder that opportunities often arise in unexpected places, and our actions can leave lasting impressions on those around us.

The Lesson

In the midst of people in a hurry surrounded by the aromatic embrace of roasted coffee beans, I was reminded that you never know who's watching, where opportunities may arise, and how a simple conversation can impact someone's journey. In the grand scheme of things, it's easy to underestimate the impact of day-to-day tasks and casual conversations. However, each moment, each exchange holds the potential to contribute to a larger narrative, much like the droplets that collectively form a mighty river.

Consider your conversations with strangers, new people or maybe acquaintances within your offices. A simple inquiry about your presence could lead to a genuine exchange. My willingness to share my creative day and professional journey created a connection that transcended the boundaries of that coffee shop. Sam’s interest, expressed through a request for a business card and a subscription to my newsletter, illustrates how a single conversation can plant the seeds of future opportunities.

It may mean nothing.

It may lead to a referral.

I have one more subscriber.

This principle extends beyond individual interactions. It’s about showing up. It's about consistently doing the work, embracing simplicity, and allowing these actions to stack over time. In the world of entrepreneurship and creative endeavors, the daily grind may seem unremarkable, but it is in this consistent effort that the magic happens.

Imagine each task, no matter how small, as a building block in the construction of your larger vision. Like the steady beat of a drum, the rhythm of your daily work creates a foundation upon which success can stand. It's the accumulation of these small efforts that compounds over time, leading to exponential growth.

In the context of my business coaching, podcast hosting, and real estate ventures, every episode recorded, every piece of advice shared, and every property invested in contributes to the greater tapestry of my impact and success. The simplicity lies in the act of doing, in the commitment to consistent action, and in the genuine connections formed along the way.

As you continue to walk the path of entrepreneurship and personal growth, remember that simplicity doesn't equate to insignificance. It's the simplicity that, when compounded over time, becomes the driving force behind substantial achievements. Just like the steady drip of water can carve through stone, your daily efforts, conversations, and experiences have the power to shape the extraordinary journey you're on. Embrace the simplicity, for within it lies the transformative potential to stack results and build the future you envision.

Maybe even ask someone a question.

I hope this inspired you to share a little more.

Be more interested than interesting and watch what happens.

Action Items:

Ask someone a question:

  • What’s their favorite drink?
  • Where did they get their coat? 
  • What’s their favorite restaurant around town?

Do something new:

  • Buy someone their coffee.
  • Take a different route to school or work.
  • Try a new restaurant or maybe type of food.

Text your friends:

  • A playlist.
  • A new show you are watching.
  • One thing you learned or realized recently.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you found value in this.

Please share with anyone you think this can help.

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