One at a time, please.

focus personal development May 13, 2024

One at a time, please.

Have a list of things to do, companies to run and dreams to bring to life and want them all now?

Ya, me too. I thought I could do it all once at one point.

I worked a 9-5 once.
I started and partnered in multiple companies.

I worked for days at a time.
Sometimes I was up for 72 hours…

Okay, maybe a lot of times I did these things…

I’ve learned better.


Welcome back to our chat about the infamous “runway”—not the kind that supermodels strut down, but the kind that planes take off from.

Imagine each of your tasks as a plane on a runway. Only one plane can thunder down the runway at a time. It’s not a party out there; it’s a meticulously planned sequence. Sure, by the end of the day, you’ve got a whole fleet in the sky, but each one took off on its own. Remember, trying to launch multiple planes simultaneously will only leave you with a mangled heap of Boeing parts.

Let’s get into mastering the art of not doing everything at once…we’re dismantling some common misconceptions about multitasking.

Myth #1: Multitasking Increases Productivity

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking doesn't ramp up your productivity; it fractures it. Studies have shown that juggling multiple tasks at once can increase errors and extend the time it takes to complete tasks. When your focus is split, nothing gets the full attention it deserves and usually takes longer with less quality output.

Myth #2: Multitasking is a Natural Human Ability

Many believe they're wired to handle several tasks simultaneously, but the truth is, our brains are optimized for focused, sequential processing. Attempting to multitask often leads to a decrease in performance because our brains can only efficiently handle one cognitive task at a time.

Myth #3: Multitasking is Common, So It Must Be Effective

Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s the best approach. The ubiquity of multitasking in modern work environments is more a reflection of increasing work demands rather than an effective method of handling them. In fact, frequent multitaskers often experience diminished memory and increased stress.

Creating a System for Success

Step 1: The Master List

Start by unloading every single task from your brain onto paper or a digital tool. This is your brain detox. Everything goes on the list, from major work projects to reminding yourself to pick up milk.

Step 2: Prioritize Ruthlessly

Use the Eisenhower Box method to sort tasks into:
- Urgent and important (these are your immediate focus)
- Important but not urgent (schedule these next)
- Urgent but not important (delegate these)
- Neither urgent nor important (drop these)

Step 3: Launch Sequentially

Take your “urgent and important” tasks and schedule them. Focus on completing each task before moving to the next. This method ensures quality and completion without the stress of multitasking.

Step 4: Track and Adjust

Keep a simple tracker for your tasks, noting which were completed and which weren’t. Review this daily to refine your process and understand your productivity patterns.

Step 5: Celebrate and Reset

After completing each task, take a moment to celebrate—then reset and prepare for the next task. This keeps morale high and focus sharp.

Action Items:

Brain Detox:

Right after reading this, take 10 minutes to write down every task or project on your mind. Get it all out there.

Prioritize Today:

Apply the Eisenhower Box to your current list. Identify at least two tasks you can delegate or drop entirely. I also like elimination lists. Do your brain dump, then cross off the stuff that really doesn't matter or move you closer to your goal. Just remember to get the kids from school…

Schedule a Single Task:

Choose one "urgent and important" task and block time for it tomorrow. Focus solely on this task during that time.

Embrace the power of doing one thing at a time. Not only will your productivity thank you, but your stress levels will, too. Until next time, keep those planes in a neat queue, ready for a perfect takeoff!

Thank you for reading.

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