Videos Only You Can Make

Jun 11, 2024

What Are Videos Only You Can Make?

Ever feel like the internet is a never-ending sea of videos, and you're just another drop in the ocean? It’s like trying to shout at a rock concert—no one hears you, and you just end up with a sore throat. What if I told you there's a way to stand out effortlessly? No, it’s not by buying followers or mastering the art of TikTok dances. It's about something much simpler and infinitely more powerful: YOU.

Quick share: Prior to 2020, I was the dude always behind the scenes. I spent 30+ years designing, engineering and manufacturing over 450 products in twelve different vertical markets.

I was never and did not want to ever be in “front of the camera”.

When COVID hit, I had to pivot away from being product centric. I lost a company, I lost a business partner from the pandemic and the supply chain went crazy.

SO, I went all in on real estate. Coaching, podcast, books, groups and here I am today. Writing this newsletter, books, taking the podcast to a whole new level (you’ll see soon) and I spend a lot of time in front of the camera these days.

If I would have known what I do today, I would have done this 15 years ago. Started writing, started talking, started sharing and documenting the journey to impact other founders, entrepreneurs and business owners.

I am tripling down on all things content. I hope you will too.

Let’s get into it.

Identifying Unique Aspects

Everyone has a story, a unique blend of experiences, skills, and passions that no one else can replicate. So, why are you still trying to be the next someone else when you could be the first YOU? Think about it. Maybe it's the way you turned a fixer-upper into a dream home. Maybe it's your journey from sunny Los Angeles to the (sometimes) windy streets of Chicago. Or perhaps it’s your secret talent for making the perfect cup of coffee while closing a six-figure deal. These are the goldmines of content only you can create. So, why aren’t you mining them yet?

Embracing YOU as the Niche

Authenticity is magnetic. People are drawn to those who are genuine and relatable. It’s like dogs with peanut butter—you just can’t get enough. When you embrace your quirks, your stories, and your expertise, you don't just create content; you create connections. And in the overcrowded world of digital media, connections are everything.

But here’s the kicker: you have to be real. Not “Instagram-filter, perfect lighting, just-woke-up-like-this” real. I’m talking about the unfiltered, slightly messy, full-of-character real. The kind that makes people say, “Hey, I’ve been there!” or “Wow, I thought I was the only one!” This is how you carve out a niche that's truly yours.

You can get started today.

Practical Steps

Self-reflection: Take a moment to think about what makes you, well, you. Is it your journey from California to Chicago? Your love for outdoor adventures? Your knack for simplifying complex real estate concepts? Dig deep. What are the stories that only you can tell? What are the experiences that have shaped your unique perspective? Write them down, no matter how trivial they seem. Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest impact.

Content Planning: Once you've identified your unique traits, brainstorm how you can weave these into your videos. Maybe it’s a vlog about your morning hike while discussing market trends. Or a tutorial on real estate strategies intertwined with stories from your career. The key is to blend your personal experiences with valuable content. Remember, people don’t just want information—they want a connection. They want to see the person behind the knowledge.

Consistency: Make a habit of infusing your personality into your content. Over time, you'll build a brand that resonates deeply with your audience. Consistency isn’t just about posting regularly; it’s about being consistently you. Whether it’s your sense of humor, your perspective on life, or your unique approach to solving problems, make sure it shines through in every video.

Thought-Provoking Questions

Let’s dig a little deeper. Grab a cup of coffee (or your drink of choice) and ponder these questions:

What Makes You Different?: Seriously, what’s your secret sauce? Is it your journey, your struggles, your triumphs? Maybe it’s the way you see the world. What do people always compliment you on? What do they come to you for advice on? These are clues to your unique content goldmine.

What Stories Only You Can Tell?: Think about the moments in your life that have shaped you. The highs, the lows, the in-betweens. These are the stories that make you, you. How can you share these in a way that’s engaging and valuable to your audience?

What Are Your Passions?: What lights you up? What could you talk about for hours without getting bored? These passions are the heart of your unique content. How can you bring them into your videos in a way that’s authentic and relatable?

Examples and Inspiration

Consider Casey Neistat, who turned daily vlogs into a phenomenon by simply sharing his life in New York City. Or Marie Forleo, who blends business advice with her infectious personality and dance moves. These creators didn’t follow a trend; they created their own by being unapologetically themselves. And guess what? People love them for it.

Take a page from their book. Don’t chase trends. Instead, create content that only you can make. Embrace your quirks, your stories, and your perspective. This is your superpower.

The question isn’t "What kind of videos should I make?" It's "What kind of videos can only I make?" Embrace your uniqueness, and you'll find that your niche isn't something you have to discover; it's something you already embody. So, stop trying to fit into someone else’s mold and start making your own.

I Challenge YOU

This week, I challenge you to reflect on your unique qualities and create a video that only you can make. Share it with your audience and watch how they connect with the real you. Trust me, there’s no one else like you—and that’s your biggest advantage.

Action Items:

Reflect on your unique qualities: Set aside some time to think about what makes you different. Write down your experiences, skills, and passions.

Plan your next video: Brainstorm how you can incorporate your unique traits into your content. Outline your video and make a plan to shoot it.

Share and engage: Post your video and pay attention to the feedback. Engage with your audience and note what resonates with them.

Now go out there and create something that only you can. Your audience is waiting.

Thank you for reading.

Please share.

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