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Get Rid Of Overwhelm And Stop Feeling Lost!!!



A step-by-step guide on what to do starting Day 1

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Build Your Brand

Learn how to build a name in your community.

Be The Authority

Set yourself up as a premier agent.

Own Social Media

Get found and be seen online by prospects.

Your Step-By-Step Blueprint For Getting Started As A

NEW Real Estate Agent


A complete workshop on what to do FIRST!




You got your real estate license...


...and you have NO IDEA what to do next!!!



First of all... you are NOT alone. Thousands of agents experience this.
The only thing real estate school prepares you for is to get your license... that's it.

Crazy, right?


Here’s what happens because you’re lost:

You join groups on Facebook 


...and lean on peers you meet there. You follow the blind opinions of others who are most likely just as lost, and their advice might not apply.

You look for the "right" brokerage that provides all the training you need. But broker hopping is stressful and time consuming, and all the "training" they give you is outdated anyway.

You hope for a REAL mentor


But... the "mentor" your broker assigned to you is MIA, and no one at the office seems to have time. You start to feel like you're bothering people...and it sucks. 

All of this starts your journey, but it doesn't help you think about or begin operating YOUR business.


That’s right... 


You are a “STARTUP,” an ENTREPRENEUR in real estate.

Did you know that...?

You are a business owner, and you are responsible for yourself.

That means you need to:

Act like a business
Present like a business
Show up like a PROFESSIONAL


I know...

Take a deep breath with me.

It will be ok, I promise...


I've helped hundreds of agents start from zero and build their businesses to fit their lives.


That's why I built this boot camp... 

Hi. I'm Ray.
I have an INSANE amount of passion for business, real estate and helping people.
I have been in the real estate business for 25+ years. I've owned over 45 companies and have been an entrepreneur and startup founder all of my life. I love it!
When I was 18, I bought my first property: a foreclosed condo in California. My next place I purchased at age 20, then again at 22, and it has never stopped. I’ve owned and operated properties in five different states, and I absolutely LOVE helping agents build their businesses.


"The real estate industry is broken; it does not prepare new agents to be business owners."


 I am dedicating my experience and time to pay it forward. I want to help new agents go from zero to REAL ESTATE HERO!

Here is my PROMISE to you from this workshop:


When you leave this workshop, you will have the steps and resources to create your brand, communicate as a professional and KNOW exactly what you need to do next to get your real estate business moving forward.

We'll teach you where to start. Period.

Get YOUR Roadmap.

  • A step-by-step guide on what to do
  • Set and achieve your business goals
  • Daily action steps to take out the guesswork

Build YOUR business NOW.

  • Create your brand and be professional
  • Stand out amongst your competition
  • Get and stay organized in your business

Make YOUR first deal faster.

  • Cultivate your sphere faster
  • Be seen and get found online in 2021
  • Use our scripts to GET CLIENTS

We're serious about success.


You should be too. 87% of Real Estate Agents fail. Why?
They have zero foundation for their business.


We change that.


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Frequently Asked Questions

NEW Agent Bootcamp


A Complete Workshop To Get You Started!

  • NEW Agent success path checklist
  • Branding 101 as a NEW Agent
  • How to position yourself as an authority
  • How to secure your own website domain
  • How to set up a simple website or landing page
  • How to create a professional email address and dedicated client phone number
  • How to create your own brand identity and logo
  • How to setup and optimize your business Facebook & Instagram for traffic and leads
  • Client necessities to keep YOU top of mind!
  • BONUS 1: Scripts for your SOI so you can get started NOW!
  • BONUS 2: A simple database system for you to manage your contacts!
  • Lifetime access to your portal!
  • Copy of the workshop for YOU to reference!
  • Copy of the slides used!
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Now Is The Time To

Start And Build.


If you want to grow, you have to do something different. Let us help you build the business you've been dreaming of.
Why go at it alone and waste time and money?
We are right here...


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If you only implement one thing you learn from us, you will see a change in your business. Try it. We're taking the risk out of it for you.

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