Raymond Sjolseth

Raymond Sjolseth

Be the game changer.


Raymond is known for innovation in design, manufacturing, operations, marketing, business branding strategies, sales and infrastructure development. He has a talent for recruitment and building A+ teams.

He has a long, successful history in creating and growing businesses. He co-founded Meridian Automotive Design in 2001 and sold the custom-vehicle design and fabrication company two years later. He consulted for several fortune 1000 companies between 2003-2006. From 2007 to 2010, he co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of ASK Diversified Partners, Inc., which operated several divisions including a third-party logistics company and a cabinet design and manufacturing business targeting real estate investment trusts.

In 2007, Ray started Seesmart, an LED company that designed, engineered and manufactured LED products for commercial use. Seesmart customers range from government agencies and schools to lighting-supply retailers and Fortune 500 companies. Seesmart also consults with business executives and property owners on implementing custom and cost-effective lighting solutions to achieve sustainability goals and objectives. This company was sold in 2012 to a public company listed on NASDAQ. Read more here.

Raymond Sjolseth comes to his role with extensive experience in product development as well as organizational leadership. He stands out as founder of many entities that have been grown and sold. He currently focuses his professional attention on growing businesses and brand development. You can learn more about what he is currently doing here.

Raymond has a passion for motorsports, product design, technology and music. Throughout his life, he has demonstrated a knack for turning his interests into viable businesses.