Episode 68 - Drew Denham - Leaving Legacy

Meet Drew Denham. Drew finds himself constantly asking the question "How can I be the best version of myself?". Friends, this episode drops some serious knowledge!!!

Drew started investing in 2011, only to find himself becoming a Real Estate Agent several years later. He loved the flexibility and the ability to design your life around a business. 

Based in Grand Rapids, MI he found himself focusing on communication as a key asset to building his business. Why? Well...Drew has a background in network marketing, He spent 10 years with Amway building relationships that matter. The compound effect of that is no joke friends. Over 50% of his business comes from these relationships. This AMAZING SOI Drew invested in over 10+ years pays dividends today.

Drew and I talk about beginning again, really making the decision to design your life and what it takes to commit to that. He started asking himself some really hard questions. Questions like "What legacy do I want to leave? What does success really look like for me? How do I want to live?".  These questions drove curiosity as Drew recovered from a painful year in 2020 with a mountain of challenges.

Reading seriously changed the direction of Drew's life. He went from 2-3 books a year to 60! Drew swears by Hal Elrod's book The Miracle Morning ( I am also a huge fan of this book!). Start by bringing intention into your morning and watch your life transform over time.

Drew and I dive into how all of this has allowed him to "Schedule his business" and have systems in place for discipline and consistency. It's been a game changer for him and has allowed him to leverage his strengths to attract the clientele he wants to serve. 

Some important questions from Drew:

  1. WHO can do what you don't really want to do?
  2. HOW can you add more value by being original with your social media?
  3. WHAT are you spending your time on that really doesn't matter?

Thank you, Drew for an incredible conversation with us. So many great nuggets in here. 🙏