Episode 69 - Kyanne Mader - Authenticity

Meet Kyanne Mader. Get comfortable...being uncomfortable. That is how Kyanne jumped into real estate at the age of 19!

She was a full time teacher turned real estate agent. Watching her father buy and hold rentals, she was inspired to buy her own home at 19! Seeing the value in holding real estate, Kyanne knew this was part of her path to design the life she wanted.

Kyanne and I dive into how she transitioned from teaching into real estate, what's working and what's not, her mindset and the shift in career for her. She walks us through her lead gen methods, how she closed 9 deals in her first 6 months and so much more.

We get deep into systems, checklists, managing files and what she would do different if starting over at zero. Putting clients first, she talks about the importance of HOW you actually work in your business and the impact of that on what you systematize.

Kyanne, keep crushing real estate and thank YOU for sharing with us! 🙏