Episode 70 - Cami Baker - What Nobody Tells You

Meet Cami Baker. Tenacious and fearless in her path to fund non-profits through real estate. She founded The Real Agents of Change, an organization dedicated to funding non-profits through charitable real estate.

Entrepreneurial by nature, Cami found herself beginning again as a single mom at a young age. Newly sober, an opportunity fell into her lap to take a job with a successful realtor. She worked as an assistant for about 18 months, got licensed and started crushing it alongside her mentor.

Cami has been a hustler from a young age. With a big commission check in hand as she was building, she bought her dream car. A 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang. She turned this into a rolling billboard, entered car shows and created a networking tool to leverage.

Cami learned by watching her mentor, Steve invest in himself. Learning, coaching, paying for growth with someone who knows more than you. As she grew her real estate business, she organically pivoted when she learned about charitable real estate at a conference. She dove into this and built a business that not only makes an impact, but is a force behind millions of dollars being given to charities.

The RAOC (real agents of change) is making a serious impact. Cami has worked tirelessly to design, create and build a system to educate agents and enroll them into another revenue stream for themselves. This is a game changer for your business and gives you a different conversation to have within your community.

Listen in friends. Cami has a lot to say, an amazing growth mindset and has created something incredible. 

Thank you, Cami for an incredible conversation and doing what you do 🙏❤️

Special thanks to Michael DiSchiavi for the introduction. 😊

Learn more here: Real Agents of Change