Episode 71 - Jennifer Seeno Tucker - Building in Survival Mode

Meet Jennifer Seeno Tucker. She is not just an agent. She’s a Home Schooler, Author and Entrepreneur. Mostly, an inspiring person. 

With a career in teaching, but driven by a truly entrepreneurial spirit, Jennifer knew she was destined for more. She hated having a "BOSS" as a teacher. Someone always setting boundaries...

While her mom was a realtor, she had an idea of what that roadmap could look like making a career change. The thing is…there was more happening. Her then husband, suffered a severe brain injury and she instantly became a care taker, mom and bread winner.

Real Estate rebuilt her life. It wasn’t easy, but she did it and created an unbelievable life for herself and her family as she progressed through the stages of rebuilding. 

Listen in and go deep with us as we talk about her journey to building a business that could provide, developing routines, schedule blocking, learning who you really want to work with and the path self discovery. 

Holy crap we unpack so much here.

Thank you, Jen for an incredible conversation, inspiration and sharing your journey with us. ❤️🙏

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