Episode 74 - Chris Odegard - Unlearning and Relearning - How To Invest in Real Estate

Meet Chris Odegard. The Prolific Investor.

Chris was a conventional investor for most of his adult life. If you have read Cashflow Quadrant,  Chris was an E, an employee. He was raised in a family of employees.

He asked "What is an entrepreneur?" He didn't know any, he had no interest or desire of being an entrepreneur or a business owner. He had been in corporate america all of his career. And then in 2009, he had what he finally referred to as his illiquidity event, where he lost 55% of his assets through a divorce, and it could have been anything, but in his case, it was a divorce. And coincidentally, around that time, a friend of his said, Hey, you should read this book...

So he bought said book and set it aside for too long. Finally, he picked it up one day and read it. And of course it was Robert Kiyosaki's rich dad, poor dad. So now, his mind was open to all these other things that he didn't grow up with. Different types of investing and real, tangible assets. So he quickly started moving in that direction.

Chris did what's called an in-service transfer of all the 401k matching money that the Boeing company had ever paid in over the decades. He'd worked there and rolled it over into a self-directed IRA. He started, and that was his way of jump starting into real estate. 

Chris shares with us his successes, failures and some deep insight into real options to get started.

Listen in friends for a great story of unlearning and relearning with Chris Odegard.

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Thank you, Chris for an incredible conversation! Meet Chris below via his website!