EP 75 - Barry Karch - Being yourself and leveraging your strengths

Meet Barry Karch. Born into real estate, yet fighting for who he wants to be, Barry found his place.

Barry calls himself an introverted realtor. When getting started, his mentor was his father. His father was a very successful real estate agent, using old school salesy methods that Barry felt uncomfortable with. After spending time listening to guys like Brian Buffini, going to seminars, learning, focusing on who he was, Barry figured out how to find his people.

He just had to be his most authentic self. That's it.

Barry and I discuss building your database, lead generation, follow up, marketing and the role people play in our lives.

Listen in to a great conversation with a veteran in the real estate business. Thank you, Barry for a truly great conversation.

Barry's podcast: PODCAST

Barry's website: Meet Barry