EP 76 - John Schuchman - Surviving as a Real Estate Agent

Meet John Schuchman. Realtor, Podcaster, Survivor.

John and I dive into job jumping from one W2 job to another and to another and so on...We talk about finding your place in this world, taking risk, being scrappy and building a foundation for success.

His last job, was working at a bank. He was in their management trainee program that they hype up as thousands of people apply. John's soon to be boss noted he was one of the people being picked. He remembers saying to them, you know, there was a point I'd been in retail banking for awhile and got promoted to this program. And they said, we want you to go back and be an assistant branch manager or a branch manager. So John said to himself, you're telling me the best I'm ever going to do is be an assistant branch manager making $50,000 or a branch manager making $60,000 a year? And they said, yes. Two weeks later he lost his job....The conversation in his mind was you're done...time to take control of your life.

Almost 3 years later, John operates out of Lancaster, PA with his family and has built an unbelievable business within 3 years from ZERO. We talk about serving clients, lead generation, social media and leveraging the gifts you HAVE.

I enjoyed this episode with John and love the real, down to earth spirit that just lives within. Thank you, John for a great time and a fantastic conversation!

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