EP 80 - Tim Ray - The Art Of Photography

Meet Tim Ray. The stat is 97% of real estate buyers are using the internet. That might seem like a no-brainer, but let's translate what that means.

If they're using the internet, they're looking at pictures. So when I open, fill in the, Zillow, whatever it may be, we're just doing our own research prior to talking to an agent or in between working with an agent. If there was a listing that had no photos or bad photos, I skip it, Right?

There's thousands more to to choose from, and if it's not presented well or doesn't even have a picture, I'm just moving on to the next one. So, I know that's kind of anecdotal, but it is personal experience that supports the data that 97% of people are looking online for real estate.

So if they're looking online, you want to present well... Tim developed a Kick A$$ APP to help agents take MORE and BETTER images for their properties.

Listen in and see what you are missing! Thanks for an awesome conversation Tim! 😀

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