EP 81 - Alan Corey - Everything We Are Taught Is Wrong

Meet Alan Corey. A real estate investor first, turned real estate agent leading people to true financial freedom through real estate.

Alan is the host of Real Estate Maximalist, a podcast dedicated to real estate investing. He has a passion for real estate and the experience to show it. Starting with a $99,000 condo at the age of 22, Alan grew his net worth from $10,000 to $1,000,000 by the age of 28 and was able to retire from the corporate world to focus on real estate full-time.

Currently “maxing out” in real estate, Alan now manages a $50 million dollar portfolio of over 300+ doors, leads a top-producing Atlanta real estate brokerage team, and teaches investors worldwide through his books, podcast, courses, and speaking engagements.

A "Real Estate Maximalist" through and through, Alan helps investors of all levels transform their life through real estate. Listen in for a fresh perspective on debt, leverage and building wealth in real estate.

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