EP 86 Kaleb Monroe - Double Down On YOU

Meet Kaleb Monroe. From Cutco to Custom Homes, Kaleb has been tearing up the real estate scene in Houston, Texas.

Kaleb and I dive into:

  • Creating your real estate business
  • Lead Generation
  • Serving your clients
  • Building a team
  • The power of just STARTING

This episode is PACKED with awesomeness. Kaleb's logo is a buffalo. Here's why:

The essence of it is that if a herd of cows sees a storm coming, they typically tuck and run the opposite direction.

If an ostrich sees a storm coming, it'll probably dig its head into the dirt and then completely ignore the storm even being there. But they'll still get rained on. And if a buffalo sees a storm coming, or herd of buffalo sees a storm coming, they'll typically turn toward the storm and then run directly to it simply because they feel like this is the fastest way that they'll be able to get through that.

Listen in friends.

Kaleb, thank YOU for an incredible conversation man!

Meet Kaleb: Go here