Relentless Drive: One Speed

Jun 03, 2024

Recently, someone I follow wrote about this with Steve Jobs and I was inspired to put my own twist on it. 

I have always loved the word FORWARD.

It's just the simple meaning of progress, no matter how small.

Often when someone asks me "How's it going?", my response is "FORWARD".

So...let's talk about moving forward, in a positive direction.

The Power of Relentless Drive: One Speed, GO

Steve Jobs is a name synonymous with innovation, creativity, and relentless drive. But did you know that his first boss, Al Alcorn at Atari, famously said Jobs had just one speed: "GO"

This simple yet profound observation offers a powerful lesson for all of us, whether we're entrepreneurs, real estate investors, or simply striving to achieve our personal goals.

Story Time: The Early Years

In the early 1970s, a young Steve Jobs found himself at Atari, a groundbreaking video game company. His intense work ethic and unwavering focus quickly caught the attention of his boss, Al Alcorn. Jobs wasn't just another employee; he was a force of nature. He approached every task with a single-minded determination, often pushing the boundaries of what was possible. Alcorn summed it up perfectly: "Jobs had one speed: GO."

This relentless drive was a defining trait throughout Jobs' career. Whether he was co-founding Apple in a garage, launching NeXT, or turning Pixar into a powerhouse of animation, Jobs' intensity never waned. He was always moving forward, always pushing the envelope, and always demanding the best from himself and those around him.

What We Can Learn

So, what can we learn from Steve Jobs' one-speed approach? Here are a few key takeaways:

Commit Fully: Jobs' success wasn't just about talent; it was about his complete and total commitment to his vision. When you have a goal, dive in with everything you've got. Half-hearted efforts yield half-hearted results.

> "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." — Steve Jobs

Embrace Challenges: Jobs didn't shy away from obstacles. He saw them as opportunities to innovate and improve. When faced with a challenge, adopt a "GO" mentality and tackle it head-on.

> "I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance." — Steve Jobs

Drive Innovation: Jobs' relentless pursuit of excellence led to some of the most innovative products of our time. Whether you're in real estate or any other field, always be on the lookout for ways to innovate and improve.

Real-World Examples

Let's look at some examples of the "GO" mentality in action:

Apple's Product Launches: When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the company was struggling. His "GO" mentality led to the creation of the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Each product was a result of intense focus, innovation, and the refusal to settle for mediocrity.

Pixar's Success: At Pixar, Jobs pushed the boundaries of animation. His drive turned a small graphics division into a leading animation studio, producing hits like "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo."

Elon Musk's Ventures: Like Jobs, Elon Musk embodies the "GO" mentality. From Tesla to SpaceX, Musk’s relentless drive has revolutionized industries and pushed the limits of technology and innovation.

Action Items

Ready to channel your inner Steve Jobs? Here are three action items to get you started:

Set a Bold Goal: Identify one ambitious goal that excites and challenges you. Write it down and commit to it fully.

Create a Plan: Develop a detailed action plan to achieve your goal. Break it down into manageable steps and set deadlines for each.

Adopt a GO Mindset: Approach each day with the same relentless drive that Jobs had. Eliminate distractions, stay focused, and keep moving forward, no matter what.

By embracing a one-speed mentality, you can push your boundaries, achieve your goals, and make a significant impact in your field. So, are you ready to GO?

Thanks for reading.

I hope you found value.

Please share with anyone this can help move FORWARD.

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