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Borrow My Mistakes accountability personal development May 20, 2024

Borrow My Mistakes.

Borrow My Millions.

Borrow My Time.

Let’s talk about mistakes. Not the “I wore mismatched socks to an important meeting” kind of mistakes, but the “I just lost a small fortune because I didn’t know any better” kind.

Believe me, I’ve...

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Momentum accountability personal development Mar 20, 2024


WTF is momentum? 

WHY does it matter?

WHO cares about it?

WHAT does it mean?

We may not get to all these but we are talking about momentum today…

Momentum is the product of consistency. It's the result of showing up day after day, putting in the work, and refusing to...

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Discipline & Motivation accountability personal development Mar 06, 2024



Both are ten letter words.

Both are often used very loosely.

What’s the fundamental difference between the two?

That’s a great question.

Will you explore that?

Awesome. Let’s go!

The Two Players.

In the journey towards success, two key players often take...

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Be Resourceful accountability personal development Feb 28, 2024


What does this word mean to you?

  • Time?

  • Money?

  • Your friends?

  • Food & water?

  • A team of people?

Question: Are you merely a resource or the embodiment of resourcefulness?

In the realm of creativity, we explore not just what exists but what we can conjure from the void and...

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Accountability accountability attention Jan 10, 2024

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this word for a long time.

On one side, I recognize the undeniable benefits of being accountable to someone or something, a force that propels us forward. Simultaneously, I grapple with the idea of surrendering our personal power, questioning why some...

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