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SEO Still Matters... lead gen marketing Feb 21, 2024

Sometimes we get so deep in the latest and greatest we forget the basics.

Today I wanted to offer a reminder.

Explore with me.

I want to dive into this topic that holds immense potential for anyone navigating the digital landscape. Whether you're a business owner, content creator, or just someone...

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Be Event Centric lead gen marketing Feb 14, 2024

Be Event Centric.

I know…what does that mean Ray?

Let me backup…

Direct questions:

  • Want a better network? 
  • Would you like to be in rooms with your mentors? 
  • Ever wonder why the wealthy are always having parties?

Host an event…regularly.

Even if you are an...

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Solve. Don't Sell. lead gen sales Dec 20, 2023

Read Time: 5 Minutes


Many are scared of that small, five letter word.

Some of us are:

  • Afraid to sell.
  • Fear asking for the sale.
  • Annoyed when we are being sold to.
  • Working through our own money issues.
  • And the list goes on…

Let’s go deeper.

What if you didn’t actually...

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Myths Of Lead Gen In Real Estate lead gen marketing Nov 27, 2023

Read Time: 5 Minutes

Today we are going to give into some myths, problems, challenges, frustrations, tips, and how-to's related to lead generation in the real estate industry. Let’s get straight into it!


Myth: Social media isn't effective for real estate lead generation.

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Master The Follow Up Process follow up lead gen Nov 07, 2023

Read Time: 5 Minutes

I’m not a fan of the phrase “follow up”. or “check in”. As soon as I see those words on a text, dm or email I “check out”.

I don’t want or need to be babysat. I assume others may feel the same. 

So, I focus on adding value,...

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The Three C's Of Communication communication lead gen Nov 02, 2023

Read Time: 4 Minutes

Today we dive deep into the Three C's of Communication: Conversation, Connection, and Conversion. These principles are your secret sauce for achieving business success without resorting to hard-selling tactics.

Conversation: The Art of Connection

Conversation is not just...

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