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P2P = Person 2 Person communication sales May 01, 2024


Standard channels for consumer or business…and then there’s…


All things my kids say all day long.

What about P2P?

People 2 People. The foundation of relationships, business and communications.

No people, no business. That’s it.

Hello friends!

In a world...

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Framing. communication personal development Mar 13, 2024



Your view point.

Like a painting, each painter, viewer and critic has a different perspective. 

Like a camera, you can change lenses for a different view…but will you…? 

In the vast tapestry of our lives, framing acts as the intricate...

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I had a reminder today. attention communication Jan 31, 2024

Wednesdays are my creative days. 

I block off my calendar.

I go to a coffee shop.

I have ZERO calls.

I mean, this doesn't always happen every Wednesday but I aim for 80%...

I go to a few places, usually local cafe’s. Today, I decided to go to the local Starbucks where I get my wife and...

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Traffic: Inbound & Outbound attention communication Dec 27, 2023


Not the traffic on the expressways or freeways (my midwest friends hate when I say freeway…).

I am talking about inbound and outbound traffic for your business.

In the vast landscape of digital marketing, the flow of traffic to your business resembles the dynamic movement on a...

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The Three C's Of Communication communication lead gen Nov 02, 2023

Read Time: 4 Minutes

Today we dive deep into the Three C's of Communication: Conversation, Connection, and Conversion. These principles are your secret sauce for achieving business success without resorting to hard-selling tactics.

Conversation: The Art of Connection

Conversation is not just...

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