Stoicism in your life and business

Stoicism In Your Life And Business

focus personal development Dec 13, 2023

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Heard of it?

I want to share some things.

Let’s start with what it is and some background.

Stoicism is a philosophical school of thought that originated in ancient Greece and Rome. It emphasizes the importance of rationality and self-control in facing life's challenges. 

Stoics believe in focusing on what's within our control, accepting what isn't, and maintaining emotional composure in the face of adversity. They value virtues like wisdom, courage, justice, and moderation, aiming to lead a life in accordance with these principles. Stoicism teaches that by embracing these core ideas, individuals can achieve tranquility, inner peace, and a more meaningful and virtuous existence, even in the midst of life's uncertainties and hardships.

Stoicism can be applied to various aspects of life and business in general. Here's how business professionals can integrate Stoic principles into their daily work:

Emotional resilience: Stoicism emphasizes maintaining emotional composure in the face of challenges and setbacks, which is valuable in the often stressful world of business.

Focus on what's in your control: Business leaders should concentrate on factors they can influence, like their actions, strategies, and decision-making, rather than fixating on external factors beyond their control. We all get distracted easily and end up down these rabbit holes that are not important to what we’re actually doing. 

Learn from failures: Stoicism teaches that failures and mistakes are opportunities for growth and learning, which can lead to improved decision-making and business practices. I have embraced failure and now leverage it as a strength. 

Practice ethical leadership: Stoicism encourages virtuous conduct, and ethical leadership can build trust, reputation, and strong working relationships within the business community. Remember, you want to lead from the front with your team. 

Develop gratitude: Business professionals can apply Stoic principles by practicing gratitude, which can improve workplace relationships and foster a positive work environment. Gratitude starts with you, when was the last time you thanked yourself for showing up?

Self-reflection: Maintaining a journal or regularly reflecting on one's actions and decisions can help business leaders evaluate their performance and make necessary improvements. Remember, not from a place of judgment or criticism, but from a place of curiosity.

Strong work ethic: Stoicism emphasizes hard work and discipline, which can lead to greater success and accomplishment in the business world. I’m a big fan of working hard on constantly improving my work to focus on 20% input for 80% output. I love the Pareto principle. More to come on that in the future. 

Time management: Prioritizing tasks and avoiding distractions aligns with Stoic principles of focusing on what truly matters and can lead to greater productivity. Focus on the IMPORTANT, not the urgent. 

By incorporating these Stoic principles into their daily business practices, professionals can enhance their decision-making, leadership skills, and overall well-being in the business world while making incredible improvements in their life. 

Action Items:

Daily Reflection and Journaling:

  • Action Item: Set aside a few minutes each day for self-reflection. Consider keeping a journal where you record your thoughts, actions, and reactions. Reflect on situations where you felt stress or strong emotions and analyze how Stoic principles could be applied. Focus on what aspects were within your control and how you can improve your responses in the future.

Identify and Prioritize What's in Your Control:

  • Action Item: Create a list of current challenges or tasks in your personal and business life. Categorize each item into "within my control" and "beyond my control." Concentrate your efforts and mental energy on the aspects you can influence. Practice letting go of concerns that fall outside your control, applying Stoic principles to maintain focus and composure.

Embrace Adversity as an Opportunity for Growth:

  • Action Item: The next time you encounter a setback or face a challenge, consciously shift your perspective. Instead of viewing it solely as an obstacle, see it as an opportunity for personal or professional growth. Consider what you can learn from the experience, how you can adapt, and how it aligns with Stoic principles of resilience and wisdom. Embracing adversity in this way can foster a proactive and positive mindset.

Try it. Maybe a new approach is just what’s needed. Author Ryan Holiday is an incredible writer who goes deep on this subject. You can check his writing out here.

Hope you found value in this.

Thanks for reading. 

Please share.

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