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The Three C's Of Communication

communication lead gen Nov 02, 2023

Read Time: 4 Minutes

Today we dive deep into the Three C's of Communication: Conversation, Connection, and Conversion. These principles are your secret sauce for achieving business success without resorting to hard-selling tactics.

Conversation: The Art of Connection

Conversation is not just idle chatter. It's the foundation of meaningful communication. It encompasses various aspects such as talking, building relationships, open dialogue, establishing rapport, making connections, listening actively, learning, and asking insightful questions.

Have you ever asked yourself, "What does Conversation mean to me?" For me, it's about more than just words. It's the gateway to understanding, the bridge to relationships, and the path to knowledge. When we engage in genuine conversations, we create an atmosphere where trust can thrive.

Here's a simple exercise: Make a list of conversation starters. Think about common interests, hobbies, community events, or even family and kids. These are the topics that break the ice and pave the way for deeper, more meaningful interactions.

Connection: Building Bridges, Not Walls

A true connection goes beyond surface-level interactions. It's built on a foundation of trust and shared experiences. To genuinely connect with people, consider actions like active listening, bonding over mutual interests, exuding friendliness, joining relevant Facebook groups, participating in or hosting events, and giving back to your community through volunteering.

When you reflect on what it means to truly connect with someone, you'll realize that it's not just about networking; it's about fostering relationships that stand the test of time.

Conversion: The Ultimate Goal

In business, conversion is the ultimate goal. It signifies the transformation of a prospect into a paying client. It involves building the know, like, and trust factor, facilitating transactions, garnering referrals, setting appointments, and transforming conversations into long-term business relationships.

As you ponder the concept of conversion, think about the journey from prospect to client. What steps are involved? How can you use this process to grow your business? How can you make the transition seamless and mutually beneficial?

Questions That Foster Connection and Add Value:

A critical aspect of the Three C's is asking the right questions. Here are some powerful questions that can help you build connections and provide value to others:

- Who is someone in our community you'd like to meet?
- Is there a resource I can introduce you to?
- Where are you struggling, and how can I help or guide you?
- Always focus on using open-ended questions; they open doors to meaningful conversations.

Tools for the Three C's:

In your journey to master the Three C's, there are essential tools at your disposal:

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
- Value-add resources to share
- Introductions to valuable contacts
- Books and resources related to your industry or their business
- Insights into your contacts' interests, desires, and goals

By using these tools effectively, you can supercharge your efforts in the Three C's and elevate your business to new heights.

NOTE: What nobody “talks” about…The Power of Self-Talk...

Remember, effective conversation starts with how you talk to yourself. The quality of your inner dialogue directly influences the quality of your external conversations. What are you saying to YOURSELF?

Be mindful of your self-talk, and strive to maintain a positive and empowering mindset. 

Action Items for You:

To put the Three C's into practice, consider these action items:

- Create a list of conversation starters related to interests or hobbies, community events, and family and kids.
- Determine how you can get connected with people through email, social media, or in-person events.
- Reflect on the emotions and sensations you experience during conversion events. How does it feel to help someone, serve your community, or close a sale or transaction?

In conclusion, the Three C's of Communication are your compass to navigate the business world successfully. Use them to build lasting relationships and secure fruitful deals that will grow.

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