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Comparison: The Thief of Joy Jul 01, 2024

I wish I had that house.

I want that car. Mine sucks.

I wish I made $1M a year.

How come that dude sells more “whatever” than me?

Heard this before?
Said this before?
Ya, me too…

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media, admiring someone else's seemingly...

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Authenticity: The Unseen Superpower Jun 24, 2024

Authenticity: The Unseen Superpower

Real talk.

WHO are YOU?

We are all born into our environment, then programmed to be whatever and wherever we are creating an identity we just start living with.

Being authentic takes INTENTION.

It also takes:

- Permission
- Self Love
- Courage
- Patience
- Desire


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Videos Only You Can Make Jun 11, 2024

What Are Videos Only You Can Make?

Ever feel like the internet is a never-ending sea of videos, and you're just another drop in the ocean? It’s like trying to shout at a rock concert—no one hears you, and you just end up with a sore throat. What if I told you there's a way to stand...

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Relentless Drive: One Speed Jun 03, 2024

Recently, someone I follow wrote about this with Steve Jobs and I was inspired to put my own twist on it. 

I have always loved the word FORWARD.

It's just the simple meaning of progress, no matter how small.

Often when someone asks me "How's it going?", my response is "FORWARD".


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Engaging attention personal development May 27, 2024

I used to look for drama.

It’s a fact, I grew up surrounded by challenges, scarcity, negativity, trauma and I walked away always suffering not realizing I was choosing to stay in that mindset.

Nobody ever told me I was choosing to live in that crap.

Something is always wrong.
Something is...

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Borrow My Mistakes accountability personal development May 20, 2024

Borrow My Mistakes.

Borrow My Millions.

Borrow My Time.

Let’s talk about mistakes. Not the “I wore mismatched socks to an important meeting” kind of mistakes, but the “I just lost a small fortune because I didn’t know any better” kind.

Believe me, I’ve...

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One at a time, please. focus personal development May 13, 2024

One at a time, please.

Have a list of things to do, companies to run and dreams to bring to life and want them all now?

Ya, me too. I thought I could do it all once at one point.

I worked a 9-5 once.
I started and partnered in multiple companies.

I worked for days at a time.
Sometimes I was up...

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Burnout attention personal development May 06, 2024


This sh*t is REAL.

Have you experienced this before?

100%. mentally, emotionally and physically burned the f*&% OUT.

Too much.
All at once…
For way too long.

Burnout has stolen both life and time from me.

What about you?

What Is Burnout?

Burnout...let's address the elephant in...

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P2P = Person 2 Person communication sales May 01, 2024


Standard channels for consumer or business…and then there’s…


All things my kids say all day long.

What about P2P?

People 2 People. The foundation of relationships, business and communications.

No people, no business. That’s it.

Hello friends!

In a world...

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Showing Up marketing personal development Apr 24, 2024

Showing Up.

That’s 99% of success right?

Let’s assume it is. After all, to do anything or be anywhere you indeed have to be there.

So, we have 1% to contribute. 

Let’s allocate that to HOW you show up…

Some Thoughts.

Let's dive into a topic near and dear to my...

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Distraction attention focus Apr 17, 2024


That word that follows us around all day stealing our attention.

Shiny object syndrome? Nope, distraction.

The urgent needs of our family? Nope, distraction.

I know, I’m so cold…

The to do list of never ending bulls#*&? You guessed it, distraction.

Email, text,...

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Visibility Apr 10, 2024

Be Seen. Get Found.

That is a massive driver for business today.

If you're hiding, good luck growing.

Your clients want social proof.




Today, let's tackle a question that's probably been lingering in the back of your mind like that pesky email you keep meaning to reply...

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100% Theory attention focus Apr 03, 2024

There is a myth that plagues most of us. 

This myth is that everything has to be done at once.

It’s a falsehood.

Babies aren't created at once.

Houses aren't built at once.

Wine isn't made at once.

All of these examples take time. They have a process.

It’s supposed to be an...

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Frustration Mar 27, 2024

That feeling of…

Well, probably so many things let’s be honest.

Have you ever felt the heat of frustration so intensely that it seemed to echo through every part of your being? It's that moment when your heart races, your palms sweat, and you feel as though you're standing at the...

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Momentum accountability personal development Mar 20, 2024


WTF is momentum? 

WHY does it matter?

WHO cares about it?

WHAT does it mean?

We may not get to all these but we are talking about momentum today…

Momentum is the product of consistency. It's the result of showing up day after day, putting in the work, and refusing to...

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Framing. communication personal development Mar 13, 2024



Your view point.

Like a painting, each painter, viewer and critic has a different perspective. 

Like a camera, you can change lenses for a different view…but will you…? 

In the vast tapestry of our lives, framing acts as the intricate...

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Discipline & Motivation accountability personal development Mar 06, 2024



Both are ten letter words.

Both are often used very loosely.

What’s the fundamental difference between the two?

That’s a great question.

Will you explore that?

Awesome. Let’s go!

The Two Players.

In the journey towards success, two key players often take...

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Be Resourceful accountability personal development Feb 28, 2024


What does this word mean to you?

  • Time?

  • Money?

  • Your friends?

  • Food & water?

  • A team of people?

Question: Are you merely a resource or the embodiment of resourcefulness?

In the realm of creativity, we explore not just what exists but what we can conjure from the void and...

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SEO Still Matters... lead gen marketing Feb 21, 2024

Sometimes we get so deep in the latest and greatest we forget the basics.

Today I wanted to offer a reminder.

Explore with me.

I want to dive into this topic that holds immense potential for anyone navigating the digital landscape. Whether you're a business owner, content creator, or just someone...

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Be Event Centric lead gen marketing Feb 14, 2024

Be Event Centric.

I know…what does that mean Ray?

Let me backup…

Direct questions:

  • Want a better network? 
  • Would you like to be in rooms with your mentors? 
  • Ever wonder why the wealthy are always having parties?

Host an event…regularly.

Even if you are an...

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I Built In SIlence For 30 Years attention marketing Feb 07, 2024

I built companies quietly for 30 years.

I was always “silently disruptive”.

I flew under the radar with opportunities that were available.

Here’s a story: 

I remember the call like it was yesterday from my business partner. 

“Bro - Can we move 50,000...

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I had a reminder today. attention communication Jan 31, 2024

Wednesdays are my creative days. 

I block off my calendar.

I go to a coffee shop.

I have ZERO calls.

I mean, this doesn't always happen every Wednesday but I aim for 80%...

I go to a few places, usually local cafe’s. Today, I decided to go to the local Starbucks where I get my wife and...

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Existentialism attention personal development Jan 24, 2024


I can’t pronounce it either…

I stumbled on this word as I explored Stoicism.

Existentialism is a philosophical movement that emphasizes individual existence, freedom, and choice. 


It explores the idea that individuals create their own meaning and values...

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Limiting Your Choices attention focus Jan 17, 2024


Decision fatigue is real.

Steve Jobs talked about this.

  • His wardrobe.
  • His use of time.
  • His product mix at Apple.

Limit your choices.
Focus your outcomes.
Increase your successes.

I’d like to get into unlocking potential through constraints. Let’s delve into the...

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